Monday, February 7, 2011

open shelving

There is a wall opposite the sink in my kitchen that is very bare, and since I'm not the best at decorating, I am of the opinion that it should be put to good use. I have wanted to put open shelves on it almost since we moved in 5 years ago. I love the way open shelves look, especially with shiny glass jars and vintage ironstone mixing bowls and kitchen utensils (that are always clean and never dusty, right?)

I've posted this picture before, but I must do it again because...well, it's amazing, and over the top...and right on topic.
Can you imagine keeping all those dishes clean? This is EPIC open shelving!

This is the wall where I want to put shelves...on either side of the window. This photo was taken when we (our friends) were ripping out a faux brick wall out (while I documented and supervised) before we moved in. Sorry, I don't have a current photo. I'll work on that.
Isn't lathe and plaster cool looking? It's a royal pain in the arse to work with, but it looks neat-o.

I've been pestering my poor husband about putting up some open shelving in our kitchen for a while he doesn't have enough on his plate. So, the other day, he was sweet enough to ask a good friend to make some shelving for me, since he is up to his eyeballs in his last semester of nursing school.

I found a few pictures last year on the internet for inspiration. The first photo is my favorite. I love how utilitarian the shelves and brackets are...they look like they would fit perfectly in a farmhouse. Another reason I like this photo is that I've started collecting Le Parfait canning jars and love how they are being used for storing food goods. I'm up to three :)

I also love the vintage mixing bowls...I hope to have some before I die.
I'm not even going to address the amazing breadboard countertop and vintage kitchen appliances...Focus, Jen...FOCUS.

Moving on.

In my dream kitchen I will have beautiful windows over the sink, so I can watch my boys playing together quietly in the lush, shady yard, and survey my thriving garden (hey, I did say dream didn't I?)

At the moment, while I wash my dishes, I have a lovely view of my dusty open shelves holding my equally dusty dishes and my unfinished cupboards with their peeling paint.
But at least it looks better than when we moved in...
Yikes. I've only just started allowing red back in my house...

I believe this second picture is a kitchen designed by Molly Frey. This is how I want the shelving to flank my window on either side. Isn't the light in this kitchen just lovely? It makes me think that I might actually enjoy doing dishes at that farmhouse sink...
This third picture, I think I liked because of the decorative brackets. They add a great flair, especially paired with the light green shelving. The look is more eclectic than the first two photos, and I like it.
I will make an attempt to get a current before shot of the wall, and update as things progress. It may not happen until this summer, but the prospect got me excited enough to blog about it.