Thursday, September 24, 2009

10 things

I discovered a blog last week that has really been inspiring me. From time to time the author does a post of 10 things that she loves at that moment in time. I am loving that idea, of taking a little snapshot of the things that are occupying my thoughts and dreams at a given moment in my life. So here are my ten things for this very moment...most of which have to do with the turning of summer to fall {which just happens to be my favorite season}

1. Harvest food

I am loving the fresh, local produce, some of which is coming from my little garden {my boys "helped" me by picking all my tomatoes...ripe or not}

My mom came a few weeks ago and picked me some peaches from a local orchard. We made freezer jam and frozen slices for pies, cobblers and such. I love peaches...

I ventured out on a limb last week and made a butternut squash bisque with some homemade soup sticks that were absolutely delicious {this is coming from someone who doesn't like squash...yeah, try it}

And of pie.

2. Wool socks

I may only wear sandals during the summer, but I'm also among the first to pull out the warm fuzzies as soon as it starts to get chilly. This most favorite pair of wool socks my sweet husband bought for me when we were dating. Yes, you read that right...these socks are 10 years old, but pulling them on is still one of my favorite things about fall.

3. Finally...a family photo collage

It's only taken me 3 years to finally hang these pictures on the wall next to the staircase where I envisioned a pottery barn-esque collage. My friend gave me a picture frame for my birthday and that was the impetus to get it done. Now, we'll see how long those pictures stay on the wall...

4. New slippers
Doesn't get more warm and fuzzy than these...

5. Blogs & blogging

A few new favorites are the sometimes crafter, soule mama, and the long thread.

6. Fall sunshine

Not too hot, just enough to warm you in the cool fall air. It's sunshine at it's best. Perfect for lying on a blanket in the backyard.

7. A clean kitchen

But don't look at the rest of the house...


9. Coffee and books

That won't ever change, but, as the mornings get colder, getting up early for hot coffee and some time in a good book gets all the more appealing...

10. These boys...

They're my world. I love these rare moments when we are all together in one room {usually piled on our tiny queen bed} They just don't come often enough.


  1. I love your top 10 Jen, great idea! Your pictures are great and your kitchen looks fabulous, I'm jealous! :)

  2. yay, Jen! you're doing it - you're keeping up on your blog! :D way to go, Idaho! love the pics - great camera, great hand! ;)

  3. Thanks ladies...the clean kitchen did not last long :) Good thing I got a picture.

    I know, I know, Tine, it's amazing! I've posted at least once a month since I started :)

  4. So #9 is in my top ten—nothing like beating your children awake to drink coffee with printed type. I love you Jen.