Thursday, May 6, 2010


April 28 was my baby's first birthday.
I made him cupcakes from Pioneer Woman's sheet cake recipe, with this frosting, and they were really yummy.
He was quite happy with his cupcake and candle...mostly the candle.
Then we blew it out...and I think we broke his little heart.
We encouraged him to try the cupcake, but he wasn't too sure...I think he was still upset about the candle.
Then he realized, "Hey, this is good!"
At which point he quickly devoured one...then two cupcakes!
Here he is declaring his passionate love for cupcakes with a little song...

Just kidding.

I used to think it was cliche to always be commenting on how fast children grow...until I had them. There's nothing like having babies to make you realize just how fast a year goes by. It's really obvious with little ones...a year brings amazing changes.

Mama loves you, Noah Bug.


  1. I love all of these pictures & post. Noah is just precious!!!!

  2. i love that last pic. and i love your freckles. seriously, eternal youth!