Thursday, July 1, 2010

adventures in thrifting.

I've found some great new blogs lately...most of them I have found through these two sites dedicated to repurposing and DIY home decorating.

So, freshly inspired, I went thrifting last week and came back with these little treasures:

Two sage green linen Pier One curtains that I put in my living room....Ohhh, the lovely filtered light. Total cost: $2
A very vintage looking mirror which is now in my dining room. I haven't cleaned it because I kind of like the streaks...they add character. Total cost $6
I bought some assorted vintage sheets and pillowcases, with the intention of using some of the fabric as wall art in old picture frames, and using several of the pillowcases for a redecorating makeover for our Master Bedroom. Total cost: $10
I used some fabric from my vintage sheet to put in my mirror/key hook near my front door (which was also thrifted last winter for $ was missing one of the glass frame pieces, which I just replaced with glass from another thrifted 4x6 frame). I had photographs in the frames, but they just didn't do much for me. This looks much better, I think. Total cost: just a fraction of the cost of the sheet.
I found this cute little white frame, and was able to overlook its contents...unlike Mr. Gardner, whose only comment was "Two ducks...really?" (I think they're geese, Love...)
(Sorry about the bad lighting in the photo above BTW...)

So, the next morning, I cut out some of the vintage sheet fabric and put it in the picture frame...and it looked much better without the, geese. Total cost: $2I bought another frame guessed it, put some vintage sheet fabric in it...what can I say? I really liked this sheet! This wall art is hanging in a previously very bare spot between the kitchen and dining room. Total cost $3
These last two things, I picked up for Mr. Gardner's study.
I don't know what this is called, but it has lots of gauges on it, and looks like it belongs in a man-cave. Total cost: $3
I found these three boxes of vintage bookplates...150 total. A totally sweet deal for my bibliophile husband. I was totally excited to find these for him because I'd been looking for bookplates some and they were pretty pricey. Total cost: $0.99

Have I mentioned that I love thrifting?

More to come on the Master Bedroom makeover...I'll have to make the bed first.

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