Thursday, October 28, 2010

where i've been...

It's been a long time since I posted. We really have been busy, but I also really haven't had much to say. Blogger's block, I suppose? Life has been ridiculously busy with school, work and pastoring a church, but it has also become very monotonous. With school starting the days and our hectic schedule have become routine. Josiah is in preschool and Mr. Gardner is back to school full time. Family time has become sparse, and I find myself longing for a day of rest. The idea of Sabbath is becoming very, very appealing. I find that Sundays are far from restful, in fact, I often feel that we need a full day to recover from them. The days are getting shorter, and colder, making me wish that we could all stay inside our home and spend time together. Mr. Gardner will be done with school in May, and so we are comforting ourselves with that thought. We are truly looking forward to spending a little more time together as a family.

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