Friday, October 10, 2014

kitchen dreaming

Our kitchen demo is, for the most part, complete. So now we're moving on to the putting it back together, which is exciting and terrifying at the same time.  We've never undertaken a remodel this big, and we're planning on doing most of the work ourselves so I know there will be a steep learning curve.  On the bright side, we don't have a time constraint-we've been working on this demo for two and a half years, for crying out loud.  But we also have a limited amount of money, which always makes things interesting.  One of my favorite bloggers The Nester talks about lovely limitations, things that seem like they limit us when, in fact, they cause us to be more creative.  It's sort of like the old adage "necessity is the mother of invention" {or creativity}.

So, here's the blank slate...
I have some "non-negotiables" which are actually negotiable under certain circumstances, which I hope will not occur.

I REALLY want a gas range. With a built in griddle.  It's really hard to find one we can afford, but I found this one and only have to convince my husband that I really do NEED it.

Gosh.  Isn't it gorgeous? And of course it needs a hood.

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My plan is to install a the gas range right about the center of the wall above.  The kitchen layout will look something like this image, original found here.

We also plan to install an island between the kitchen and the dining room offset towards the exterior wall, which will end up looking exactly something like this amazingness...

I really love the open feel of this wide island, with those awesome stools to pull up and chat with whoever is cooking on that gorgeous range, or washing dishes in that amazing sink.

Speaking of sinks...look at this beauty from IKEA...that I could actually buy without selling one of my kidneys.

And I think this Kraus faucet is the perfect complement for the sink.

 Together, they would look something like The Nester's kitchen sink.  Can't go wrong there...

Image via The Nester
I honestly have no idea what to do for countertops. The white countertops in The Nester's island are lovely, I'm just not too sure about all white everything. I want a variety of textures and colors in my kitchen.  I DO have a thing for concrete, but I don't know if it's too industrial for our very traditional home. But, I mean, how could you go wrong with this...

Image found here.

I also love butcher block countertops, but I just don't know how well they hold up under the kind of abuse we put our counters through. But they really do lend such warmth and patina to a kitchen.

Image found here.

We really want to put in about 6-8 recessed lights throughout the kitchen ceiling to ensure our kitchen has great lighting, which this almost 100 year old house is sorely lacking.  I want to put a few pendant lights over the sink/island.  These are a few of my favorites at the moment.

Ballard Designs

As far as cabinets go, I am pretty much sold on IKEA's Adel in off white, with open shelving surrounding the range hood.

I am kind of leaning toward some rustic-ness with my open shelving. 

Image found here.
Image found here.
IKEA shelving

Image found here.
Image found here.
We also need to do some creative woodwork to enclose the big drain pipe in the middle of the kitchen.  It will be the corner of the island, and we plan on making some sort of enclosure to make it look like a built in.  I really like the rustic old beam look

Image found here.
But think we'll end up with something more traditional, possibly with some decorative molding, or maybe just a plain column.

Well, my brain hurts from all this imagining, so I'm going to continue this post later.

By the way, all these images and many more can be found on my Pinterest kitchen inspiration pinboard.

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