Friday, July 31, 2009


I've been wanting to re-upholster this pair of chairs I bought at a yard sale several years ago. I had a few fabric options, but couldn't commit to them for some reason.

I found some fabric that I really liked this week and it really seemed to fit the chairs. So here are my "new" old them!


  1. I love the fabric! Where did you get it? Good job. I have no clue how to re-upholster.

  2. I also am digging that beautiful fabric. Lovely chair! :)

  3. They look beautiful, Jen! I'm impressed! :)

  4. Thanks all :)

    Shelley, I got the fabric on clearance at Joann's. Re-upholstering these kinds of chairs is pretty just have to take the seat off and have someone {helpful husband} hold the fabric tight while you staple it to the bottom of the seat.

    Glad you found me Melanie...