Sunday, March 28, 2010

there he goes...

I was watching Josiah ride his bicycle up and down the sidewalk in front of our house the other day and thinking about how much he has grown up. I thought about how our children start out always in our arms. And then they grow up a little, and they sit and play at our feet. And, one day, they take their first steps. And, as they grow, they wander further and further away, until one day, we watch them ride away on a bike, clear to the end of the block...and we don't really worry about it too much.

Right now, Josiah still has clear limitations to his bike riding. He knows he can only ride on our block, he can't ride in the street, and one of his parents must be able to see him, always. He's still held close by the gravity of his parents...but he's gradually widening his orbit around us. I was thinking that, if I had seen him way down at the end of the block last year, I would have panicked. But this year, I know that he is going to remember that his mama and daddy love him, and want him to stay safe, so he won't go any further.

One day, probably much sooner than I think, he will be a man, and he will be making his own decisions about where he goes, and what he does. I pray that he remembers that, like his mama and daddy, his Heavenly Father has given him boundaries to keep him safe, and that the love He has for Josiah will hold him and guide his steps.


  1. you are wise my sweet friend!

  2. Hello dear Jeni
    oh... through misty eyes I just want to let you know your pearls are appreciated, valued, loved.
    Happy Easter :)
    love you momma m