Tuesday, March 2, 2010

yogurt update.

Well, I made my first two quarts of homemade vanilla yogurt yesterday, and they turned out fairly well. Actually, judging from how fast the first quart disappeared, they turned out very well! The yogurt didn't turn out thick enough for me, but Mr. Gardner and the boys enjoyed drinking theirs (this first batch would be perfect for smoothies!) When we lived overseas, we actually bought yogurt with exactly the same consistency, it was sold in a cup and you drank it...so Mr. Gardner and I were having flashbacks!

Anyway, next time I make it, I will let the yogurt sit longer in the cooler and see if that helps the jars set up better. I think I'll try another batch soon (first I need to get a bigger stockpot to boil my canning jars), and post some pictures when I finally get it the way I want it...if there's any left!


  1. ooooh....homemade yogurt, That sounds lovely. Right now we are (and have been for 5 years) addicted to Stoneyfield Yogurt. But I would love to learn how to make my own. Do you have the option for flavoring it??

  2. Hi Katie! Here's the recipe I used:


    She flavors hers with vanilla and sugar, which is also what I did. I don't know about fruit flavors, but I would think you could just stir in your favorite jam...especially homemade, with lots of fruit...yum!

  3. Yeah, we just love come good vanilla yogurt. I can't wait to try this. Thank you!