Sunday, February 14, 2010

happy valentine's day.

So, since everyone knows that chocolate and Valentine's Day go together perfectly...I wanted to share the BEST chocolate cookie recipe in the whole world. I got it from the blog of one of my dearest friends who is also something of a gourmet cook in my book. But be forewarned, if you don't care for chocolate, you will not like these cookies. They are made with dark chocolate chips and are amazingly rich. I make them at least once a month, much to the chagrin of my four year old who despises chocolate (I know, I know, something went horribly amiss in the gene pool there...)


  1. are these mels cocoa crunchy cookies?!
    I LOVE them & make them repeatedly! (unfortunatley, everyone loves them in my household, so I don't get to hoard as many to myself as i'd wish!)

  2. I made these the day after you posted them; they are good ;)

  3. Yes, they are SO good, Melanie. I think they're my favorite cookies.

    I love them, too Jenny. I usually eat so much of the dough that I can only eat one once they've baked...but eat (at least) one for every meal after that until they are gone :)

  4. Hi Jen!
    Just a note about your son that is not a fan of chocolate... Daniel used to not like it at all... now he is 19 and thinks it should be one of the four main food groups! =)