Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Sorry. Late entry here.

But I have a good excuse: Blogger and my iPhoto have not been getting along and I finally realized today that it was because it needed an update...I'm happy to report they are getting along just fine now.

So, Easter.

I had to work...and there were not many Easter babies this year, so work was a little slow (read bo-ring). So while I was slaving away (catching up on the latest Pop Culture gossip via smutty magazines at the L&D Nurses station) Mr. Gardner packed up the boys and headed to church, with the promise of an Easter Egg Hunt after the service.

He also took the camera, bless him.
His only comment was, "There wasn't much time to get pictures...and the aperture was set funny so they're overexposed."

Love him. And I think they turned out great. I also love how Eli is watching and learning what it's all about...

And then he does it himself...

So proud! Wish I had been there. I think I'll ask for next Easter off....

Not sure why Josiah has this look on his face...bad egg, perhaps?

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