Sunday, April 11, 2010

supper's late.

This is Eli.

He just woke up from his nap.

Apparently, he suffers from a little-known, but widespread disorder I just discovered on the Pioneer Woman's Blog called LBSCBDO, also known as Low-Blood-Sugar-Cranky-Butt-Disorder. She goes into more detail about the symptoms here, if you would like to diagnose your own family members.

He came downstairs tonight as I was trying to make dinner and I could tell he was about to have an acute episode of LBSCBDO. He kept saying this word over and over (with increasing urgency) that sounded like a cross between the words Beagle and Pickle...."BEEEGKOOUUL!"
See? Here he is saying it "BEEEGKOOUUL!"

He was quite insistent and I couldn't figure out what he wanted...until Josiah nailed it.

"He wants a bagel, mom."

"Oh, right. Thanks son. Not now Eli, mama's making dinner."
He rapidly deteriorated to end-stage LBSCBDO...
While his caring, empathetic mama took pictures.

Then, I kid you not...
He walked over to the silverware drawer, pulled out a butter knife and said...

"Knife. Kill."

He's serious about his food.

(We really don't promote violence in our home...I don't know where they pick this stuff up.)

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  1. holy crud... slay me now, that's so adorable!!! (especially 'cause I can enjoy from afar!) :)