Thursday, April 15, 2010

the stairs.

Noah is now at the age when he must feel the undeniable need to navigate the stairs. Historically, the ascent is rarely ever the problem, it's coming DOWN that seems to give the little guys trouble. In a house with stairs, this is obviously a necessary skill, but the process always seems to foster some bumps, bruises and tumbles.

Mama isn't a fan.

Here is the way to come down the stairs, as demonstrated by Noah:

1. Realize that you have climbed the stairs.

2. Panic. Cry for your mama.
3. Realize that your mama is not going to help, and is, instead going to take pictures.

4. Try to go down head first, and realize this is scary.
5. Listen to mama's suggestion to go down backwards.
6. Give it a try.

7. Works well!

8. Forget what you just did and panic a little.
9. Put your leg back up on the stairs...what?
10. Give up and hang on for dear life.

11. Cry for your mama.

12. Mama to the rescue.

13. Thanks mama.

Oh, well. There's always next time...

(Note the symmetric bruises on his forehead from the last stair-climbing attempt)

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