Saturday, April 10, 2010

photo shoot.

A month or two ago, some good friends of mine asked me to take some family pictures for them.

I had never done this before and, although I was a little worried about how the pictures would turn out, I agreed. After all, there was a baby involved.

I love babies.

And they have a sweet baby boy who is almost 6 months old and who is still at the "strange people are cool" phase. He was more than happy to flirt with me, even when his mama left him alone with me while she finished getting ready.

Little doll.

Look at those sweet baby fingers...

He didn't even get mad when I put him in a basket...although he does look like he's a little concerned about my mental health.

And then we got him stripped down to a diaper and let the good times roll (no pun intended...)

Almost makes me want another...darn those maternal hormones.


Here are some sweet family shots.

They turned out pretty well, I think. And my friends liked them a lot, or at least told me they did...

I should have never doubted my camera.


  1. We love the pictures Jen! You did a great job. Thanks again. :)